What clients are saying


 I am an aspiring entrepreneur who was having challenges pulling my plan together. I was all over the place and filling up with doubt.  This process went on for months and I felt like a race car that could not get out the gate, I was just spinning my wheels.  I met Deneen and shared my vision with her. After hearing my vision and seeing that I was in no way close to the direction that I wanted to go, she acted as a navigational system and moved me on the right path and it felt like bliss.  Deneen is amazing! I was becoming more and more off track and she helped me harness what was already in me but alone could not reach in less-than-one-hour.  I am now out the gate and running. Thank you Deneen Andrades. ~ G. Jordan

I can go on and on about the many areas of my life that Deneen has helped shore up but that would be a book in itself. Let me just say that if you are someone looking for fair, non-judgmental guidance that hits home, Deneen is the woman of choice. We all need to be supported and directed a little here and there as we deal with life's dilemmas.  Trust..... she is excellent at that!

Corporal J. Gedrick

I actively seek out Deneen's insight and guidance when I felt stuck, problems were chronic or overwhelming.  Her process is work through it without asking "how'd you get into this?" or placing blame.  I was able to look back and see things regarding my behaviors and reactions to others.  That taught me how not to repeat those behaviors.  What only took hours with Deneen to breakthrough, took months with a previous therapist-and I was still searching which is why I came to Deneen. These are not venting sessions!  She has solid, real actions to move you forward and improve your life.  

W.  Lee

Deneen has tremendous compassion for others but has a no nonsense, fact based approach that literally forces you to take action and not get stuck in indecision.  She is fearless about taking steps for change in her own life and that makes her a wonderful agent for change in the lives of others.  I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone.

George S.